Genesis Exhibits | Trade Show Space Selection Worksheet
Support: Trade Show Space Selection Worksheet

The trade shows you attend can have from hundreds to over a thousand exhibitors, so how do you decide which booth space location to choose? Most shows offer priority of choice to exhibitors who have exhibited at the show for the longest time. There are many points of view on the importance of location on a trade show floor, from being in the center or the “V” locations, to being near facilities or attractions, and many more. The following factors should be considered when determining the best trade show space location for your company.

  • What is the traffic pattern for the particular exhibit hall or venue?
  • How many entrances are there to the exhibit hall and where are they?
  • How much time do you expect trade show attendees to spend in the exhibit hall?
  • Do you prefer to be near the front, middle or back of the hall?
  • Do you prefer the right side or left side of the exhibit hall?
  • Do you want to be near your competition?
  • Do you want to be near facilities — restaurant, telephones, rest rooms?
  • Are there seminar areas or meeting rooms in the exhibit hall that might attract visitors?
  • What is the lighting like in the hall — are there windows?
  • What type of trade show exhibit do you have? Inline, peninsula, island, cross aisle?
  • How much space do you need for your exhibit, products, staff and visitors? (see our trade show booth space/staff calculator)
  • Does the show allow for hanging signage? If so where will it get the most visibility?
  • What are the height restrictions in various areas in the hall? — are there lower ceilings along the periphery of the hall.
  • Is storage available? - on-the-floor, off-the-floor?
  • What obstructions are in the exhibit hall such as columns, posts, stairs, and low ceilings?

After considering these factors you can determine a location, but that’s only part of achieving trade show success. Booth design, signage, staffing, etc. will make a difference wherever you end up. Make sure your message is attractive, compelling, and clear and reap the rewards of face-to-face marketing at your next trade show.