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Your dream or ours, either way we can make it happen...and the sky's the limit.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits
Trade Show Exhibits: Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Our Genesis Exhibits design and production teams will work with you, upfront and along the way, to create the most remarkable branded environment to reach your challenging marketing goals while keeping one eye on longevity and functionality. Whether it’s holographic images, a second story conference room, or a ceiling canopy with moving clouds over a sparkling blue sky, Genesis Exhibits will make it happen on-time, within budget. We have a three decade track record of doing just that.

We design using the latest materials and technologies to create a brand experience like no other. The way we see it, blending in on the show floor is never an option. Standing out spells success for you and only when you succeed do we consider ourselves successful. Call or email today to set up a brainstorming session with our creative team. We can't wait to get started.

Custom Case Study - Spineart

Spineart came to Genesis Exhibits when they encountered a difficult event schedule for their spring show season. They wanted to build an impressive custom booth that they could use for both of their shows. Our design team was able to craft an exciting custom booth, in a short period of time, that fulfilled all of the client’s requests.

The booth required custom crates for shipping and in order for the booth to get from one show ending on a Friday to the next starting only days later, the Genesis Exhibits I&D team drove the booth from one location to the next. Both shows were a huge success.

Spineart 1
Spineart 2
Spineart 3